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      Dona Delivers Catering and Rentals

      "We Take Your Catering Personally"

      Dona Delivers Catering Corporate Drop Off

      Opening in January 2008 DDCR has never looked back. We are a full-service catering company that uniquely offers from 10-1000 people corporate drop off.  We offer staff to stay and set up, along with serving and clean up as well.

      MD Catering

      “Just what the doctor ordered” is perfect for catering Physician offices for breakfast and lunch.   MD CATERING is also perfect for the Pharmaceutical/ Device representatives as well.

      It’s Easy and Economical Catering!

      Dona Kay Café

      Opened in 2012 Dona Kay Café has become a “home away from home” for many Scottsdale Ranch and McCormack Ranch residents. From daily customers to ones who visit us when they “winter” here, we welcome you back home!

      8am-11am only

      Dona Delivers Events and Rentals

      Dona Delivers Catering and Rentals Event department is a “one stop” shop that offers the ability to call one number and have catering, planning, staffing, bartending, florals, cake and tables, chairs and linens at your fingertips!

      Only The Freshest Ingredients.

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      Thanks!  The food was delicious and everyone was glad we ordered the dinner in!    Made for a fun and relaxing evening.  I will definitely Yelp you when I get a chance!  Thanks!


      The extra plate was a very nice gesture.  I was a bit confused but I offered it to him and then he wanted to share it because it was so big!   The meeting went over so we ate a bit late. Even so everything still warm and yummy. The food was delicious and smelled so good that everyone was very happy.  The quinoa went over very well, which I wasn’t sure about. You steered me to the right direction and I will never question your advice again! Great job!  Thanks so much.


      Was amazing! You cost me an extra spin class with that lasagna. They all loved it! Thanks again!


      Dona, Just wanted to Thank you for today’s lunch at Banner Estrella.  Yes they loved it, and were definitely over the moon to get lunch! 😊 Kindest regards

      Clinical Sales Representative / Cordis

      Hi Dona, Yes, I thought it went well too and heard MANY good comments.  Your staff was also very nice and easy to work with. Thank you for everything.  I’m sure we will be working together in the future.


      Breakfast was a huge hit, thank you! The team really loved the sausage gravy. Thanks again for everything!


      I wanted to let you know that they LOVED the food!  They said that the chicken was so moist and tasty and the salad dressing was very good….thought I would pass that long!


      I hired Dona Kay Catering in March  for a pre wedding buffet dinner. The whole experience was excellent. Dona’s was on time, efficient and the food was high quality, delicious and reasonably priced. She made sure that all the guests were taken care of. I look forward to using her again.


      Thanks!  The food was delicious and everyone was glad we ordered the dinner in!    Made for a fun and relaxing evening.  I will definitely Yelp you when I get a chance!  Thanks! Virginia Lunch was wonderful!!!!!  They really liked getting something different for a change.  They all asked where the lunch came from.  I gave them your name.  The next time I do lunch there I will surprise them with something new again. Dona, you make our lives so easy.  Thank you and by the way everything traveled very nicely. Thanks

      Las Vegas Rep

      They loved the taco bar and so did I!  The homemade brownies were a hit! I am so sorry but I just don’t do as many luncheons in Phoenix but love to use your catering when I do! Cheers,


      Killer lunch..as usual!  Thx and have a great weekend!


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      Mon – Friday : 8am to 11am only


      9015 E Via Linda #105
      Scottsdale, AZ 85258