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      Friends are on the way over tonight- you do not have time to whip up appetizers, but you do have some great wine.  What to do?  Stop by your local grocer and pick up a round loaf of sour dough bread., a bunch of green onions, make you you have mayonnaise and parmesan cheese as well.

      Cut it but across from side to side, but not cutting to bottom, turn around and do it again.  End result is a loaf with lots of little cubes.  Set aside.  Grab a bunch of green onions and chop fine all the way to the ends. Set aside.   Grab some parmesan cheese flakes, ½ cup, grab 1 full cup of your favorite mayonnaise.  Mix the mayo, green onions and parmesan cheese flakes together, salt and pepper.   Take mixture and spoon into the crevices of the bread cubes, wrap with foil put in oven 10 min on 350.  Take out, let set, pour the wine and open the top gently.  The cheesy, easy bread is done, guests will be asking “how did you make this?”