Let’s Plan an Event

Grab a pen and lets get started on the details,  Once you have them, either call me to schedule a meeting in person or on the phone. 

We can handle lots of details for an event.

What We Do

Bartending – Staffing- Catering- Florals- Photography- Rentals

Such as tables, linens, maybe a red carpet and a chocolate fountain, they do go hand in hand!
We can provide ALL the alcohol and you sit back and relax or you can supply the alcohol and we provide bartending servers.

Our Food Choices

Happy Hours and light bite ideas

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Ham Pinwheels

Charcuterie board which can include olives, cheese, dried fruits and nuts with a cracker basket is always a hit and great party pleaser

Shrimp in a shot glass with cocktail sauce

Tequila lime shrimp on chilled ice

Baby veggies cut with hummus and or ranch dip

Bruschetta bar with lots of options!  Too many to list!

Corn relish with chips

Chips and fresh pico and quac

Tortellini skewers

Fresh Fruit Kabobs

Stuffed Mushrooms

Jalapeno wrapped with bacon

Crab cakes

Cracker assortment of many toppings!  Another one you gotta call and discuss so many options!

Steak on crostini

Deviled eggs

Lets eat! Stations are popular - Carving station with chef and two meats

Small rolls


*chicken parmigiana

*chicken alfredo

*chicken fajitas

* chicken piccata

*Lemon herb chicken

*Chicken marsala

*Ham slices with brown sugar drizzle

*Salmon with dill and lemon

*Fried Chicken

*Pulled BBQ pork and Chicken

*Brisket slices

*Pork tenderloin with pineapple sauce


Baked ziti

Rice pilaf

Steamed Rice

Jasmine Rice

Baked potato

Scalloped potato

Mashed potato w/gravy

Penne w/marinara sauce

Twice Baked potato


Caesar salad

Chicken Caesar Salad

Greek Salad

Assorted Chop Salads

Chef Salad w/meats and eggs

Strawberry Feta Almond Salad

Garden Patch Salad

Mixed Organic field green salad


Rolls and butter

Garlic Bread

Baskets of breads assorted grains and types

Grilled veggies (seasonal)

Our Desserts

are unlimited selections of custom made cakes by Jen our baker!
Her famous Meyers lemon olive oil cake and carrot cake!





Let’s Work Together!