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      Run around your house find something in each room you LOVE. So you grabbed a mirror  off the wall, a cute tall candlestick you love  with a sturdy base and large enough top to support a dish, and then a cute wreath you had sitting in a closet So you invite some friends over for a little afternoon Happy hour.

      *crush some berries put in ice cube trays *make fresh lemonade (remember the canned stuff that is quite good with just adding water?, then add cubes *go to your local grocery  and buy some brie, crackers and some apricot jam  *grab some dry salami and some great dried fruits and nuts *grab some strawberries and a baguette of fresh bread


      Put the brie on a baking dish and warm with the apricot jam, set on a nice dinner plate, add some crackers on the edge, and dried fruits, salami slices,  and nuts set that wreath on the outside 😊 isn’t that nice! Then wash that mirror and wash your strawberries leave stem on and pat dry cut length wise and set on the mirror and cut the baguette on a bias and arrange nicely on the mirror.  Lastly take the candlestick and some great heavy-duty tape put on the top and affix with a nice plate or platter that makes sense – giving it some height and use for some fresh cookies you sliced and baked (no one will know!)  Remember its not about the buying items to decorate and make a fun gathering its what is around you that you can use and re use for a party!  Remember friends love creative friends they can see using their talents.  Eat good simple food, with friends and family.  Be blessed!    Dona Kay